Product Review by Coach Kristie – ipsy

Product Review by Coach Kristie  – ipsy

Being a part of the fitness and endurance community from time to time I am approached to review products that are widely used, or newly being introduced, in the fitness and endurance worlds.  I currently have a few products I am working with to create reviews for the very near future.

Recently I have been approached by an entirely different community.  The community of health and beauty for both men and women.  They want to reach a different demographic.  People who are “real” in the world and not necessarily experts or influencers in the health and beauty community.

Keep in mind, fitness and endurance sports are my specialty, my reviews will not be the typical as you would see by a beauty expert.  However I hope it provides you a fresh perspective.

Welcome to the first of these product reviews!


There are many monthly subscription services out there.  Bark Box, Runnerbox, Wine of the Month, etc.  This was the first time I have been introduced to a company that does health and beauty, primarily, make-up.

My first impression, it’s VERY affordable.  $10 a month to be exact.  What you get each month is a “Glam Bag” with 5 sample sized items picked out for you based upon a product/beauty profile you fill out before you subscribe.  When you first sign up, you are placed on a wait list unless you want to get your Glam Bag right away.  To get off the wait list you have some options with sharing on social media.   I decided to go on the wait list as I didn’t want to give ipsy access to posting on my behalf.   I don’t remember exactly but I want to say I was on the wait list 6-8 weeks.  I could be very wrong, I didn’t really keep track, but it didn’t seem long at all.

I received an email stating my first Glam Bag was being shipped.  I had the opportunity to take a peek and see what was going to be in my bag.  So I peeked.

My first Glam Bag arrived…


In the “unicorn blue” bag (as referred to by a good friend’s daughter) I found eye-shadow, perfume, lip gloss, a full-size eyeliner and pressed powder.  Since I had peeked I knew what I was getting.  I decided that spoiled the experience.  Moving forward I would not take the sneak peek option.

Some of the colors were “off” for me, but with a nice review option on the ipsy site, I was able to leave constructive feedback on each item.

Not being make-up savvy I like the fact the ipsy site has tutorials on how to use each product correctly.

Then my next Glam Bag arrived…


This bag contained a full size brush, highlighter, tinted moisturizer, hydration serum and lip gloss.  This bag was better.   One item color was “off” for me.  I especially liked the KR Endurance orange bag.  I can see after a while, however, these bags will add up.   They make great travel bags, I may give them away to friends or teammates who travel.  They are a nice quality.

My next Glam Bag arrived…


This bag contained face primer, full size brush, hand lotion, eyeshadow, and mascara.  This bag was perfect.  In each bag comes a special discount/coupon offer if you find you really like one of the products you can save when ordering a full size version.

The ipsy site is helpful and easy to navigate. You can update your profile at any time.  How completely you update your profile will ensure on the best products to arrive in your Glam Bag.  I chose not to get any lipstick as I am very brand loyal to one specific type.  If your tastes in colors change, products, brands, etc. updating your profile will help in future bags meeting your taste and liking.  You can look up past Glam Bags and see how to use the products.  You earn rewards points that can be used for discounts or even extra products in future Glam Bags.  The products are all high quality.  Brands that I am familiar with, some I am being introduced to for the first time.

I have been introduced to new products I love that I never would have been brave enough to try.  At less than $2 each product it’s insanely affordable.  I admit I get excited when I know a new bag is on the way.  My 4th bag was perfect.  I cannot wait to see what the next bag of surprises shall bring.

Another bonus for me about ipsy is the size of the items in the Glam Bag.  I travel a lot and these are perfect travel sizes.  If I fall in love with a product I can buy the full size (at a discount) for home, and throw the other in a travel bag.  The Glam Bag itself is a perfect travel size bag as I mentioned  before, it is also a great size for a gym locker or gym bag.

ipsy does have a full size subscription option.  Not sure if I am brave enough for that.  This option is perfect for me, my lifestyle, and budget.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised and plan to continue my subscription.  Truly the only negative I can foresee is the build up of all the bags.   I am sure I will come up with ideas on how to repurpose them.

If you have further questions about ipsy, please do not hesitate to reach out.  You can also go to their website and see for yourself at

What other products would you like to see reviewed?  Feel free to email me:

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