Mojo, Mojo, Whereforeart Thou, Mojo

Mojo, Mojo, Whereforeart Thou, Mojo


If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say something along the lines of “I’ve lost my (insert sport name here) mojo, I’d be writing this article from my own private island.

For the sake of this article we’ll address loss of running mojo, but this really applies to most disciplines.

It is June 18th as I type this, the last time I ran was March 28th.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The run for me is my zone out, think about it, solve all the problems in my head, time.  I had something happen to me that made zoning out and thinking about it, very painful.  I constantly relived what happened.  I needed to do things that required concentration so I couldn’t let those reminders seep into my head.

Some would say I lost my run mojo.  I like to call it a needed redirection.  Running for me right now is not a good thing.  I lift weights, take intense spin classes, focus on my nutrition, and participate in other activities that require my mind to be engaged.

Am I devastated that I am not running?  No.  Am I still a runner?  Absolutely.  I know I will get back to running some day when the time is right.  I’m being kind to myself and not harping on the fact that I am not running.

unknownIt can be very emotional for someone when they wake up one day and mojo has packed it’s bags and left without a trace.  For many who run, running is so much a part of their identity.  When mojo is lost, people feel like a part of who they are, is gone.

If you are reading this and have lost your mojo.  Breathe.  I got you.  We can get you through this.

First and foremost be kind to yourself.  Stressing yourself out will only make matters worse.

To determine the loss of mojo, ask yourself some questions:

~Are you over training?

~Are you attempting to train outside of your ability?

~Are you goal oriented?  Do you have a race on the calendar?

~Is it possible you are fighting off a bug, getting sick?

~Are you burnt out and in need of time off?

~Are you dwelling on your running past?  “I used to be able to run x minute miles”

~Are you comparing yourself to others?

~Are you over racing?

~Is your life out of balance?  (work, family, home, training)

~Has there been a huge stress recently (good or bad stress)?

~Is there something toxic in your life?  (person, environment, etc)

~Are you practicing positive self care?

~How is your emotional/mental health?

~How is your physical health?

~When is the last time you treated yourself to new running gear/shoes?

~Are you doing what you want, or what you feel others expect you to do?

You may find yourself answering one or many of these questions and finding that something is sapping the run from you, as your energy is diverted to something else.  Just step outside and know it is temporary and in time, the run will be there for you.


Now the question, what do you do?  You’re craving the endorphins, the feel of the run.  Go swim, bike, hike, walk, lift weights, try something new.  Find something that makes you say in your head “that sounds like fun” and go do it!  Above all be kind to yourself and don’t dwell on the loss of mojo, it will come back.  I promise.


Feel free to reach out to me if you need help finding your mojo.  Like I said, I got you, we’ll get you through this.  ~Coach Kristie

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