Confidence by Coach Heather

Confidence what does that mean?  Confidence is believing in yourself.  What does that mean?  Does it mean not facing fear – absolutely not?  Fear=False Evidence Appearing Real.  What do you do when you are facing fear.  Well you look at fear is the first step.  You have to tell yourself that this was not put before you to not just look at.  You can stare at it and stay comfortable or you can look at it and walk through the emotions of fear.  You can walk through and grow through every feeling you have.

FEAR=Face Everything And Rise – what does that mean?  No matter what you’re afraid of or not confident it’s okay to have fear but to not let fear control you.  When I was first learning to swim I had to look at that buoy every Sunday.  My Coach and best friend we would go open water swimming and they would tell me I can do this but I had to learn to believe it.  What does that mean?  It means telling yourself that you know how to swim and that you can do this.  This was put before you to conquer and experience what’s on the other side of conquering that fear.  I had to become confident and believe in the fact that I knew how to swim.

My mental game went back to that day that my younger sister pushed me in the pond and my Dad had to dive in and save me.  I had no clue how to swim so I was panicking.  My younger sister was laughing and my Dad told me don’t go any further than what you can touch.  That was stuck in my head.  I found positive scripture and quotes and had to tell myself I CAN DO ALL THINGS WHO CHRIST THAT STRENGHTENS ME!  When I did that and finally was able to swim to the first buoy without panicking was a feat!  Mission accomplished!  Well what was next – the 2nd buoy ok so the next week I swam to 2 buoys without panicking or stopping.  I used to flip over on my back and float or backstroke because I was panicking.  I learned to swim to 2 buoys and then all 3 and back in to shore the following week.

Now I am able to swim 750 without stopping and a lot faster and more competitively.  On September 13, 2018 I have to opportunity to wear the stars and stripes as a Triathlon Team USA athlete!  I have the privilege of traveling to Australia to race in ITU World Championships and competing!  It’s like the Olympics for amateur Age Group athletes!  When I started my journey I had no clue that I would have this amazing opportunity to race in Australia with the best of the best Age Group Athletes!  I had no idea I would be looked at as one of the best Age Group athletes.  Of course, there are going to be athletes faster than me!  My job is to go do my job and focus on me and giving my all and my best for my race!

Never let anyone intimidate you about your racing goals!  Never let your mind hold you back from your goals! That is another topic for next week!  Let me hear your thoughts about what you have struggled with and how you have overcome them!  What were your strategies for facing your fears in your training?

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