Announcing KR Endurance Team Captain: Moe Elkadri

Announcing KR Endurance Team Captain:  Moe Elkadri

Moe Elkadri has always been a supportive and active KR Endurance team member.  He evolved into the role of Team Captain quite naturally.  Spontaneously, teammates voted unanimously to make it official.

Mohamed “Moe” Elkadri first joined KR Endurance in 2014.  Like many kids, he played in Little League, but wasn’t very athletic.  It wasn’t until many years later, in 2009, that he began running and training for his first marathon, the Cincinnati Flying Pig.  He joined KR Endurance for its expert coaching to help him improve his endurance and increase his speed, and in 2015, he began, for the first time, training for triathlons.

Moe races to improve his health and have fun, but most special to him is the camaraderie he has with the people he meets and trains with.  The coaches, teammates, and sponsors at KR Endurance provide so much support.

In 2014, Moe started training for triathlons and it was just a little over a year later that he had his proudest athletic moment: crossing the finish line at Ironman 70.3 Austin in November 2015.   Since then, he’s competed in several triathlons; his favorite race to train for is the half-iron distance.  Moe’s is currently training for Ironman 70.3 Tempe, AZ but hopes to complete a full-distance Ironman in the future.

The inspirational quote that keeps Moe going is by Dave Scott, “If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won YOUR race.  Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race; it’s up to you.”












Moe was born and raised in Michigan and has been living in Frisco, TX since 2011.  He’s married with 2 kids, and when he’s not training, he enjoys family movie night.

Here are some things his teammates had to say about him:

Moe Elkadri’s consist support and selfless encouragement is an inspiration – he is definitely the glue that holds the team together and has personally inspired me to achieve more than I could imagine – Dave Field

Moe consistently supported me as I pursued my 2nd half IM and even brought me the most thoughtful goody bag to lunch. He exudes every aspect of what a true teammate is. H.

#1 reason is he keeps the group discussions focused on running and nutrition!-“SnailsPaceButMoving”

I can always count on Moe Elkadri for an encouraging word, a heartfelt comment, a positive reinforcement and a good laugh!! Even though I’m not active right now with KRE, I still feel like family. Thanks Moe! 🙂 – Jamie R.

Moe Has always been there for an encouraging word when times were tough or one of the first to congratulate me when things go well!-John R.

Moe sees the good in everyone, always sees the silver lining in any situation. He works hard, sets a good example, is incredibly positive, motivates and encourages us all. Rebecca A

Moe is just there. That sounds weak, but it is incredibly important. I can’t think of a single thread that he has not added value to. Definitely a stellar example for all.-Eric Hunley

Moe is always encouraging, positive, sympathetic, understanding, funny…..just plain AWESOMENESS!!!! Oh….plus a fabulous cook too!!! Thank you Moe!! Chris A.

There’s a reason Moe is our Team Captain – he leads by example and gives the team a soul. There aren’t enough good words to be said about him. – Neil Richard

When I think about Moe, I just smile! He misses nothing and can always be counted on to be there for his teammates. We are a better team because of him. I think we’d all be lost without him! Jen C.

Just for the record, I love Tuesday Poll days. It might be a simple question but I look forward to it. Its the first thing I do – before the news, before my coffee, i hit the alarm and look for the poll question.  I love talking about running and finding out such simple things about everyone, like “do i stretch before a run” . It helps me stay connected & helps me actually feel like a runner – LeAnne “MoeMinion” Taylor

Moe is a strong leader and cares for everyone on the team. He is one of the first to offer support when times are tough and congratulations when goals are met.

Moe…I don’t even know how to describe him but amazing. He remembers everything and chimes in just when any of us need it. He has been like an older brother to me, supportive in many hard decisions to back out of races when I was deployed. He was there. He has been a rock in my life and although I’m not actively training, he ALWAYS checks in. I’m so thankful that training brought us together! I’m excited I not only get to call him friend, but now team captain! So well-deserved! -Brooke L.

Because it’s Moe; Moe IS the #bombdigity -Jenni O

Because Moe is engaged with every one of us. I know this because Moe remembers our goals, our fears, our obstacles. He cheers on our goals, calms our fears with information at the perfect time and helps us over come an obstacle with friendly suggestions. He is just Moe Awesome! – TG

Supportive of every step we take — whether we are struggling to fit in a mile or floating along on a cloud of AWESOME.He knows just the right time to send a private message of support.

Moe is quite possibly the most thoughtful, caring, and kind person.  He is a talented athlete, wonderful friend, excellent husband and father.  He makes every single person he meets feel special and appreciated.  He inspires me every day to be a better person.  Kristie C.

A supportive team with a brilliant sense of humor, what do you do to commemorate being voted unanimously Team Captain?

You have a Moe bobble-head made.  Congratulations KR Endurance Team Captain Moe Elkadri!
















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