In​ the creation stages of KR Endurance we decided fall leaves were the perfect representation of our coaching philosophy and athletes.  Mother nature puts on the biggest show when fall leaves are at their peak.  One leaf alone is amazing, but surrounded by others (a supportive team) they have an even bigger impact.  Like leaves, there are no two athletes alike; therefore they should not be trained alike.  Personal and individual training is our philosophy in order for our athletes to reach their peak.


What to expect.  Included, but not limited to:

Initial phone contact

Initial pre training consultation between athlete and a coach to get to know each other. Goals, abilities, expectations, and other items can and will be discussed at this time.

Set up in KR Endurance’s on-line training platform

At​ KR Endurance we use Training Peaks.  Basic account is included.  Premium is available for an additional fee.

Assessment week and personal training schedule

Heart rate zones can be set to better personalize and optimize training.
  Weekly personalized running/triathlon training schedule (including cross training exercises).  This training schedule is personally created by the athlete’s coach of choice or coach deemed most appropriate for the athlete.  That coach will monitor and offer feedback on the athlete’s workouts.

Flexible Communication

Communication method is done by means that best suits the athlete and coach.  This is a very hands-on personal monitoring of an athlete.  It will also include race planning and strategy.

No two athletes are alike

No two will be treated the same way.  Each schedule will be personal to each athlete, taking into account goals, ability, personal access to equipment, and life schedule.

Monthly online virtual coaching

No​ contract required (month by month)


We offer virtual coaching for runners from 5k to Ultra, triathletes from Sprint to Full, and general fitness enthusiasts. Our pricing reflects virtual coaching only. For in-person training in support of your virtual plan, an extra hourly rate will apply. As well, if you are interested in an in-person training program in one of our coach’s locations, please contact that coach directly for more details and pricing information.

Ask about our military, police and fire discounts.

Running - Pre-built plan

starting at
$50/4 weeks
  • Individualized training plan
  • Self-monitoring

Triathlon - Pre-built plan

starting at
$60/4 weeks
  • Individualized training plan
  • Self-monitoring

Fitness - Pre-built plan

starting at
$40/4 weeks
  • Individualized training plan
  • Self-monitoring