Workout of the Week 2/3/16

Workout of the week. We wrote this one to target the areas runners typically need most. All bodyweight, no added weights needed.
Warm up 10-15 minutes on the gym bike (spin or recumbent). One time through the following with NO added weight. Do with minimal rest, just flow from one exercise to the next:
20 standing side leg lifts, each side
15 standing back leg lifts, each side
20 squats, slow, controlled, squeeze glutes upon standing back up
10-15 single leg squats, each leg
Standing front leg lift – 15 each leg
10-15 single leg squats, each leg
Side plank with leg lift (bottom leg straight or with bent knee) 20-25 each side
Fire hydrant – 15 reps each side
Plank hold 60 sec
Bridge hip raise – 20 reps, squeeze glutes
Staying lifted, raise one leg in the air and lift 15 reps, then do other leg
Stay lifted and hold 30-60 seconds
Plank hold 60 sec
Cross over crunches 30 each side
Knee tucks 30 reps
Leg lifts (hands just under small of back) 20 reps
Plank 60 sec
Downward dog. Start with a good calf stretch, alternating legs. Then setting into downward dog and hold up to one minute
Seated glute stretch (one leg crosses over the other, look in opposite direction)
Seated calf stretch, hamstring stretch
Standing quad stretch



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