What’s your motivation to workout? by Coach Heather

My motivation to workout is my health. I was told over 10 years ago that I was prediabetic, I had high cholesterol and was headed for a heart attack and stroke by my doctor at 31 years old! I fell in love with Triathlon after I started losing some weight. My Trainer convinced me to do one! I had a lot of fears to overcome! I didn’t know how to swim! Looking back I’m very grateful for my journey and what I have overcome! I look forward to my journey continuing! Now I am a Coach because of how my life has been changed! I know how my life has been change others lives as well!
The confidence I have gained in myself and the barriers I have broken and my new outlook on life keeps me motivated. I never want to go back to the old Heather. I have met a few Heather’s a long the way! I thank God that I am able to be in the fitness industry and am able to help others who need it.
What chance do you need to take?
Everyone has their own reason for working out. My mother works out because she saw her parents health decline. My grandmother had diabetes and was lethargic. Both of her parents died of cancer. Her diabetes turned into pancreatitis. The history of both sides of my family keeps me motivated. Have you seen a family member or friends health decline? Has your life been changed by fitness?
A client of mine her husband works out because of his parents health. He loves running marathons!
What is the reason you get up or could get up and workout? What is something small that you want to change? I always say “Small Goals Lead to Big Results”!

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