The Definition of Training

I finally had an “ah ha” moment recently and was able to into words something that I have been trying to explain for years.

Why, do I train? Why do people like me, train? Why do athletes train?


The “A” race to an athlete is like the final exam to a student. Training is the classroom. Workouts are homework. Pulse check races are quizzes. Athletes eat right, and get as much sleep as possible. All of this preparation is so they can show up for the final exam (A race) alert, healthy, ready and prepared.

When in school, students get up early, stay up late to study and do homework. They talk to other students who may have taken the same exam before. They ask for tips, pointers.

When training, athletes get up early, stay up late to get workouts in. They talk to others who have raced the same race, or distance for advice and tips. Sometimes they train with a group (like a study group). Others may be more focused training alone.

A student may prepare just to pass easily. An athlete may just want to finish happy and healthy. The student may have aspirations on getting into a program or school that a certain passing grade is required. The athlete may want to qualify for Boston or Kona. The student may want one of the top grades in the class, just like the athlete may want an Age Group award.

Some students prefer to be self taught. Some students seek a tutor to gain more of an edge and give them personal help, just as the athlete seeks a Coach.

As a Coach, like a tutor, I want my athletes/students to pass their exam. I assign their homework/workouts in order to best prepare them for their test/race.

So the next time someone asks you why you training I hope this will give you the words to help you explain, you just want to do well on your test.

Coach Kristie

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