Overcoming Obstacles

What does overcoming an obstacle mean to you?  Google defines it as to defeat in competition or conflict.  To deal with successfully, prevail over, surmount tried to overcome the obstacles of poverty.  To overpower, as with emotion; affect deeply; was overcome with grief

I was messaging Kristie and we were talking about Australia.  I told her that I was nervous about being there by myself.  After traveling for almost 20 hours I had to drive to my rental from Brisbane which is an hour and 20 minutes to Gold Coast!  I went to drive the car after putting my luggage in the trunk.  I went to the left side of the car and said oh duh the right side lol.  It was different sitting on the right side.  I had GPS thank God thank you to my wonderful husband looking after me!  Driving on the left side of the road was different!  The drivers were more cautious especially to pedestrians and cyclists!

I arrived at my place and the parking garage was steep which was a little scary!  Then when parking the spaces were a lot more narrow than here in the USA!  That was scary!  My host said I will park for you lol you have had a day!  All of my flights were delayed due to weather and I slept most of the flight from LA to Brisbane!

I told Coach Kristie my host parked my car for me that is was that narrow!  I told her the car might stay parked lol!  I said but that’s not how you overcome!  A few days later I drove to the beautiful Aquatics center to go swin!  It was different!  I had sweaty palms but said to myself this is how you overcome!  I drove a teammate and his wife!  My GPS wanted to act up lol!  We used theirs!  I had to smile and laugh as the obstacles were arising!  I felt like I was being tested lol!

Tell me how do you overcome obstacles?  I have learned from when I first set foot on this journey of Triathlon that the only way to overcome fears/obstacles is to look them straight in the face and embrace the journey with a great attitude!

What obstacle do you need to overcome?

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