Muscles and Mascara – Product Reviews to Come

Muscles and Mascara – Product Reviews to Come

Hello there!  It’s me, Coach Kristie, Owner and Head Coach of KR Endurance, a fitness and endurance sport coaching team!


Being a part of the fitness and endurance community from time to time I am approached to review products that are widely used or newly being introduced, in the fitness and endurance worlds.  I currently have a few products I am working with to create reviews for the very near future.

Recently I have been approached by an entirely different community.  The community of health and beauty for both men and women.  They want to reach a different demographic.  People who are “real” in the world and not necessarily experts or influencers in the health and beauty community.

Keep your eyes open for more content on the KR Endurance blog.  We’ll keep up fitness, race recaps, exercise of the week and other endurance sport information and personal experience blogs, but now you’ll also have something new to look forward to reading.

Cheers from all of us at KR Endurance and remember to be #krestrong!

Feel free to contact me at if you want information on our coaching services or anything else you may need!

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