KR Endurance Athlete Katie Visco writes about her run across Australia to embolden women in the outdoors!

KR Endurance Athlete Katie Visco writes about her run across Australia to embolden women in the outdoors!

I typically set big goals. I am a “dream big” kind of gal. For as long as I remember, I’ve thought that I can will whatever I want to happen if I just push forward with faith and tenacity. “Dream it and you can achieve it” type of thing. In 2009, this belief and hustle enabled me to become the youngest female and 13th woman overall to run across America, along the way speaking with hundreds of groups about the importance of living a passion-driven life. I was on fire, to say the least, living my own dream.

Now, ten years later, I want to reignite that 23 year-old Katie – driven, determined, strong, fully and deeply alive following her passions. I want to lead with courage and curiosity rather than let fear and the “what ifs” step in. “One day,” I’ve said, “I will run across Australia, through her deserts, into her complex and elegant desolation.” That day has come. Starting this July 2019, I will finally be running across Australia! I will be starting on the northern coast in Darwin and run south to Adelaide, through parts of the Tanami, Central, and Simpson deserts. I will run 30 miles a day and the trip will take about 3.5 months. Instead of the ease of using vehicle support like I had for my run across the USA, my husband Henley will be supporting us on bicycle, peddling up to four hundred pounds of gear, food, and water at a time, a feat that even I can barely fathom. 

Our supply of food and water is our biggest hurdle for this expedition. Along our route, food and water stops are about every 200-300 miles on average. That means that we need to pack our bike with 7-10 days of supplies with us at any given time. However, we are committed to being human-powered, as this method of travel is most in line with our values as individuals and a couple. This is my pilgrimage, to confront all parts of myself in one of the most raw and barren places on earth, to find my Katie again, to reclaim all of my fire, to accept my vulnerability and let it all go at the same time. I want to go to the outside edge again, and love it. There are a million reasons not to do it, but I cannot let fear be one of them. 

Many think it’s nuts to do this and that we will be eaten alive by hundreds of poisonous snakes and whacked upside the head by mean kangaroos and feral camels. And why go through the deserts when you can take the road? But like I said, the why for all this is to show a message to myself and others, especially women – let courage win, curiosity is extremely powerful and can be trusted, and to not, for one second, let fear undermine your dreams. By running across Australia, I will embolden women to push their limits in the outdoors. My example will help to represent more women as they truly are – strong, diverse, and powerful. Adventure is for everybody.

You can read the entire backstory on my run across Australia on my blog.

We also had a promo video made about my upcoming run across Oz and I’d love if you gave it a watch. Click here to watch. Thank you! And as always, we’d so appreciate any donation you could make possible to help us fund this Australia run. Anything helps. Visit to learn more and to contribute. We are @katievisco and @henley.phillips on Instagram as well! We’d love your follow.

Thank you so much for reading my words! I hope you’d like to follow along my journey with me! 

Go Team KRE!



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