How to Make Yourself a Priority by Coach Heather

What does making yourself a priority mean? It is the hardest thing for us women to put ourselves first. We are nurturers…we care for others. We put others before ourselves and take care of everyone else. As a Trainer and Coach I see more women have the hardest time making time for themselves. They want someone to think for them so they don’t have to.

Everyone’s life and lifestyle is different. Here are some tips for multitasking:

1. Foam roll as you watch TV with the family

2. Stretch after foam rolling while watching TV

3. Stretch while making dinner.

4. Schedule your appointment or set an appointment on your calendar to get up so you see it

5. Put your alarm far away from the bed. So you have to get up and shut it off.

6. Set an alarm for you to get up and go workout whether it’s before work, on your lunch or after work.

7. Keep an extra pair of clothing in your car or in your bag just in case you pack it in a hurry.

8. Ask your friends to hold you accountable or ask them to give you a call at the time you are able to workout.

9. Do something that makes you happy. Make sure it’s something that makes you smile especially when you’re done. Remember this is about you.

10. Find a place that meets your family needs.

When you make yourself a priority you relieve stress whether it be mental, emotional, physical or all of these. You take care of you. If you want to be around for your family whether it be kids, parents, siblings or just family then you have to think of you. The old saying is nobody is going to take care of you like you. It’s very true.

Tell me your biggest obstacle when it comes to thinking of yourself.

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