Exercise of the Week: Plank

Exercise of the Week:  Plank


Coach Kristie’s son, Ty, demonstrates this week’s exercise of the week:  Plank

A plank is one of the best core exercises that targets all of the abdominal muscles.  This exercise can be done anywhere.  There are a few variations of plank.  Ty is demonstrating hands together, elbows on the mat.   You can also have arms parallel, elbows on the mat and shoulder width apart.  Another variation is called “high plank” where your palms are on the mat, shoulder width apart and arms are straight and under your shoulders (similar to push-up starting position).

Very important to lock your core, keep your spine straight, neck neutral.  You want your core to hold and stabilize this exercise.

Start with a 30 second hold and work your way from there gradually adding time in increments of 10-15 seconds.


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