Exercise of the Week: Dolphin

Exercise of the Week:  Dolphin

Coach Kristie demonstrates this week’s exercise of the week, Dolphin.


This pose has been called the “forgotten pose” in yoga.  It isn’t used as much as it used to be.  It is an excellent strength and stability exercise.  It strengthens arms, core, lower back and legs.  Stretches the legs, arches and opens the chest and shoulders.

Begin by placing forearms in front of you.  Close enough that the opposing hand can “hug” the other arm.  Then clasp hands in front.  Place feet down and slowly walk to the front of the mat.  Relaxed shoulders, pulling belly button in to your spine.  Coach Kristie is demonstrating a beginner level of this pose.  For increased difficulty the feet can be even closer to the front of the mat.

Once in the start position drive forward moving the head and shoulders over the clasped hands.  Return to start position.  For increased difficulty you can drive forward and down, resting the top of your head on the mat between your arms.  Repeat this move working up to 20 repetitions.

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