DBelt Pro Product Review by Coach Kristie

DBelt Pro Product Review by Coach Kristie

I had the pleasure of getting the opportunity to wear test the DBelt PRO. In the literature that arrived along with it, the description states:

“The DBelt PRO is designed with FITNESS in mind and has been designed for BOTH women and men. Featuring a hi tech water resistant fabric, the PRO can withstand the endurance of any workout from yoga and walking to cycling or running. The PRO features three water resistant lined pockets as well as a convenient hanger hook for easy storage. Designed to ensure stability and a balanced bounce free snug fit, the PRO is the ideal solution for the fitness minded who requires functionality and performance all in one!”

The DBelt PRO comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Which is a nice change as most belts of this sort come in basic black. Good to see variety offered.


Upon first inspection out of the box it is of sound construction, even stitching, with a slight give/stretch. Very soft texture. I found the 3 pockets. One opens at the top a perfect size for a gel or small MP3 Player, one zipper pocket (good for ID, key, etc.), and a side-opening pocket for a phone featuring a Velcro closure.


I decided to test the DBelt PRO in the areas mentioned in the literature. Yoga, Walking, Cycling, and Running.   I also took it for a spin during a weights session at the gym.

Yoga. The belt sits in place and doesn’t move during poses. I find it more comfortable when wearing the Velcro closure at the front and the pockets to the back. However, this is not practical when lying down as my phone and other items in the pockets dug into my back so I had to shift it around mid practice.


Walking. Fits snug, doesn’t move. Comfortable.

Cycling. Most cycling jerseys have plenty of pockets, however they do not have the “water resistant” feature of the DBelt PRO. I typically carry my phone and other items in my saddlebag. It just seemed a little out of place for outdoor cycling. The Velcro closure is very strong. The “hook” part of the Velcro faces outward, the soft other side faces in toward the body. What does that mean? As I move and bend it would expose the “hook” portion, which in turn would snag and pick at my cycling jersey.   You have to make sure the soft side completely covers the hook side or it will start snagging. Indoor cycling may be the better alternative if using the DBelt PRO. I see too often phones, keys, IDs on the floor of cycling studios. Keeping them in the DBelt PRO would be a more secure option.

Weights. No issue other than like yoga, I had to move the back to the front to keep the items in the back from digging into me when lying down (for example on a weight bench).

Running. This for me was the big test. I am an ultra runner. I run a lot. I sweat a lot. This was the true test for this belt.   Because I wanted to be safe, I put a dollar bill in the pocket where my phone would go. I respect and understand that “water resistant” does not by any means, mean “waterproof”.   I set out on a run. First of all, it would have to be a short run where I carry a hand held water bottle. I typically wear a hydration belt on long runs and that would put two belts jockeying for position on my waist. The DBelt PRO is very comfortable, soft, doesn’t move. No bounce.   When I returned from my run, the dollar bill was noticeably wet from sweat (you could wring the DBelt PRO out like a wet rag). I told you, I sweat, a lot.   The side that touches your skin is the water resistant fabric. The fabric facing out is the fabric of the belt. As sweat ran down my torso it soaked through the front of the belt. In fact all the pockets are like this. The side that is against the body has the water resistant fabric, but the front of the belt does not. The hanger hook for storage was perfect for hanging the belt up to dry out after my run.  This feature, yet so small, is a nice bonus.

My phone even while in it’s case it fit perfectly into the phone pocket with ease. My husband’s phone, however, did not. Even without the case it was too big to fit through the opening. With an opening of just a little over 3” it is important to check to see if your phone will fit if this is the purpose you purchase this belt, to carry your phone.

I was showing a friend the belt one day and she begged to borrow it for a vacation to a popular amusement park.   She loves the functionality of a fanny pack (no cumbersome purse to deal with) but gasp a fanny pack??? This would be a much more fashion friendly way to carry items around her waist in an active environment. The DBelt PRO got 2 thumbs up!

In conclusion, I like the DBelt PRO. Quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service that sets them apart, a variety of colors and good functionality.

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