Comparing Yourself to Others- by Coach Heather

Comparing Yourself to Others- by Coach Heather


What does it mean to be a “bad” athlete? To me there is no such thing. We are all human and want to be our best. We want to PR, improve, feel better, be leaner. We (including myself) can and at times are our own worst enemies. We compare ourselves to others and their times or what our times were prior to an injury or life happening. We check out where our competitors are and want to be at their level. We want to be back to where we were before life took over. We have to start where we are at. Not every race is going to go 100% as planned. Our bodies will fatigue, strategies don’t work out, etc.

I am Training for 2018 Triathlon World Championships in Gold Coast, Australia.. It is an honor to be able to go as part of Team USA to race on behalf of the USA! My goal is to be in the top 10 in my age group. Last year, life took over and now my run times are a little slower. I had a few injuries but they happened for a reason. Do I want to be where I was at a 7 minute mile…absolutely. It’s going to take some work to get back there. I had a reality check by my Coach just yesterday. I want to compare myself to where I used to be instead of working on where I am at.

I have to let go of the stresses of life and just take it one workout at a time and one day at a time. Are we all not going to hit our paces every time? Maybe not, we have something to learn from each workout and each day in life. We have to take away the positives/progress from each workout. Working out to me is my therapy/outlet. I love it but lately it’s a slow time for Trainers and I am working on other streams of income. I’m trying to build my Triathlon and Run Coaching business as well. I can’t let that come between my goals as an athlete. If you stress yourself out too much in training you can wear yourself out before the race. You will be exhausted at the start line. Who wants that?

We can’t compare ourselves to where we used to be we need to realize we are where we are and be grateful to even do compete in a sport!

The importance of having a Coach and being one to me is very important. While I am taking care of others and thinking about others I need someone to keep me in check and tell me hey Heather I love you but…. We all go through life and sometimes start to lose our focus and let life interfere with our workouts. Then the “Coach” will tell you hey Heather look you’re stressing yourself out and if you keep this up you will be wore out on race day.

Another reason I love having a Coach is someone to push me to do the things that I am not sure I think I can. Someone to encourage me and remind me hey Heather your swim times are awesome and I know you can be faster. Someone else observing and paying attention to you is very valuable to your progress and your goals!

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