Coach Heather’s Tips: Mobility, Stability, and Posture

Coach Heather’s Tips:  Mobility, Stability, and Posture


Mobility – what is mobility?  Mobility is the ability of your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to move unrestricted while controlling the ability to move around the axis of rotation constantly.   The ability of fascia and elastic connective tissue to lengthen allows a joint to move through a complete range of motion.

Stability – what is stability?  The ability to maintain control of joint movement or position by the connective tissue and neuromuscular system.

We lose mobility and stability as we become more sedentary.  We tighten, stiffen and our joints start to ache and swell.  We can cause arthritis being sedentary and repetitive movements as well as our nutrition.  The more we move the better.  The better we eat the better our bodies feel.  Nutrition is our fuel for our bodies.

Posture is being aware of how we move, sit, stand, drive, the things we do at work, etc.  Resistance training, functional movement in all planes of motion is very important.  Repetitive exercise isn’t great.  Our bodies tend to predict what it’s going to do then we start losing muscle in other areas and creating imbalances and loss of elasticity.

If muscle and fascia experience constant mechanical stress or tension from repetitive movements or poor posture, inelastic collagen fibers can form between the layers of muscle tissue as a protection against structural damage and injury.

A lack of motion, especially in all planes of motion, can create adhesions between the various layers of muscle and fascia, which ultimately reduce joint motion and restrict mobility.

We also need to stretch, foam roll and do yoga.  Stretching for you could be PNF stretching activating nerves that are weak due to loss of mobility and stability.  Static stretching has it’s place.

We need to activate your nerves as well so you’re able to move properly.  Nerves innervate the muscles.

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