Coach Heather’s Tips: Mobility, Stability, and Posture

Mobility – what is mobility?  Mobility is the ability of your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to move unrestricted while controlling the ability to move around the axis of rotation constantly.   The ability of fascia and elastic connective tissue to lengthen allows a joint to move through a complete range of motion. Stability – what is stability?  The ability to maintain control of joint movement or position by the connective tissue and neuromuscular system. We lose mobility and stability as we become more sedentary.  We tighten, stiffen and our joints start to ache and swell.  We can cause arthritis being sedentary and repetitive movements as well as our nutrition.  The more we move the better.  The better we eat the better our bodies feel.  Nutrition is our fuel for our bodies. Posture is being aware of how we move, sit, stand, drive, the things we do at work, etc.  Resistance training, functional movement in all planes of motion is very important.  Repetitive exercise isn’t great.  Our bodies tend to predict what it’s going to do then we start losing muscle in other areas and creating imbalances and loss of elasticity. If muscle and fascia experience constant mechanical stress or tension from repetitive movements or poor posture, inelastic collagen fibers can form between the layers of muscle tissue as a protection against structural damage and injury. A lack of motion, especially in all planes of motion, can create adhesions between the various layers of muscle and fascia, which ultimately reduce joint motion and restrict mobility. We also need to stretch, foam roll and do yoga.  Stretching for you could be PNF... read more

Exercise of the Week: Runner’s Pushups

Coach Heather demonstrates Runner’s Pushups. Start in the down position with elbows back, core engaged, head neutral, toes tucked and push straight up shifting your weight back.  Then in the up position shift your body weight forward then come straight down returning to the start position.  To modify, put a pillow or blanket under your knees, push yourself up with your core and glutes engaged,  knees relaxed, ankles relaxed.  Push yourself forward then come down.  These pushups strengthen your anterior deltoid, triceps and shoulders for strong running arms.   If you have any questions concerning this exercise feel free to contact us at... read more

Exercise of the Week: Plank with Hip Extension and Abduction

Coach Heather demonstrates this week’s exercise of the week, plank with hip extension and abduction.  This exercise targets the abdominal muscles and glutes/hips. In plank position with your head neutral, keep your abdominals engaged, lift one leg and engage the opposing glute and then abduct your leg out to the side with your butt down.  The challenge is to keep your abdominals engaged as you lift and abduct.  If you need to modify, you can do the plank on your knees with a pillow under your knees and lift your leg and abduct if it’s not too much. Try 3 sets of 10 total reps working up to 20 total for 10 ea side. If you have any questions about this exercise feel free to contact us at read more

Mojo Musings

Last week, Coach Kristie addressed the loss of Mojo in “Mojo, Mojo, Whereforeart Thou, Mojo“.  This week, KR Endurance athlete David Bess, discusses it from his perspective: I’ve trained as a “serious” runner for five or six years now, competing in numerous short-distance races as well as half and full marathons.  Along the way, my motivation level has waned and has at times even disappeared.  The newness of running is long gone, and the act of putting on the gear for one more run feels like drudgery rather than delight.  Here are a few thoughts that help me keep my motivation level up and the “mojo” present. Run to live, don’t live to run.  Running can easily consume me and dominate my life. When it starts taking the place of faith, family or relationships with friends, its gone too far.  Burnout for me then is just around the corner.  I have to keep it in perspective.  I run to live a better life, I don’t live to run a better race.  As fulfilling as running is, there are far greater things in life! Find the fun.  Running started as something fun and exciting, and I have to make sure I keep it that way.  If I get obsessed with a faster pace, a quicker finish time, or another new personal record, the pressure I put on myself robs me of the joy of running. There’s nothing wrong with having a goal, but I’ve got to find the fun in pursuing it. Do something rather than nothing at all.  If I just can’t bring myself to run, then find something else to... read more

Mojo, Mojo, Whereforeart Thou, Mojo

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say something along the lines of “I’ve lost my (insert sport name here) mojo, I’d be writing this article from my own private island. For the sake of this article we’ll address loss of running mojo, but this really applies to most disciplines. It is June 18th as I type this, the last time I ran was March 28th.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The run for me is my zone out, think about it, solve all the problems in my head, time.  I had something happen to me that made zoning out and thinking about it, very painful.  I constantly relived what happened.  I needed to do things that required concentration so I couldn’t let those reminders seep into my head. Some would say I lost my run mojo.  I like to call it a needed redirection.  Running for me right now is not a good thing.  I lift weights, take intense spin classes, focus on my nutrition, and participate in other activities that require my mind to be engaged. Am I devastated that I am not running?  No.  Am I still a runner?  Absolutely.  I know I will get back to running some day when the time is right.  I’m being kind to myself and not harping on the fact that I am not running. It can be very emotional for someone when they wake up one day and mojo has packed it’s bags and left without a trace.  For many who run, running is so much a part of their identity.  When mojo is lost,... read more

Comparing Yourself to Others- by Coach Heather

What does it mean to be a “bad” athlete? To me there is no such thing. We are all human and want to be our best. We want to PR, improve, feel better, be leaner. We (including myself) can and at times are our own worst enemies. We compare ourselves to others and their times or what our times were prior to an injury or life happening. We check out where our competitors are and want to be at their level. We want to be back to where we were before life took over. We have to start where we are at. Not every race is going to go 100% as planned. Our bodies will fatigue, strategies don’t work out, etc. I am Training for 2018 Triathlon World Championships in Gold Coast, Australia.. It is an honor to be able to go as part of Team USA to race on behalf of the USA! My goal is to be in the top 10 in my age group. Last year, life took over and now my run times are a little slower. I had a few injuries but they happened for a reason. Do I want to be where I was at a 7 minute mile…absolutely. It’s going to take some work to get back there. I had a reality check by my Coach just yesterday. I want to compare myself to where I used to be instead of working on where I am at. I have to let go of the stresses of life and just take it one workout at a time and one day at a time.... read more

Augusta 70.3 race report

Augusta 70.3. What a day! I flew in from Seattle Thursday and arrived Thursday night. I was sharing a hotel room with my teammate, Sarah, who had already arrived and was settled in. We’ve known each other for 5 years, and been through a lot. I was excited to meet her in person. Friday morning I put my bike back together and everything thankfully seemed in order. I wanted to take it to the techs at the expo however, just to be sure. The expo wasn’t open until the afternoon, so Sarah and I took advantage of the morning with a practice swim. The race was looking wetsuit optional and with the hot temps not much of an opportunity for that to change. Sarah and I are both strong swimmers so wetsuit optional was no big deal and we did our practice swim in swimsuits. With the current assist, it was a quick swim. After showers, we headed to packet pick up. That went quickly and smoothly, and the tech wasn’t there yet but the guys at Tri Bike Transport graciously offered to check my shifting. Friday night we met up with Heather (teammate racing) and her husband Scott. We had burgers and beers and a TON of fun chatting. This race was all about team camaraderie for me and we were off to a great start. Saturday Sarah and I did a shake out ride, and I ran through all my gear combinations just to make sure. Everything was fine so I figured that will be that. We headed out to bike check in, then met up with... read more

Outlaw 140.6 race report 2017

Are you on the square, are you on the level? Are you ready to swear right here, right now, before the devil? Outlaw 140.6. My 4th iron distance and first non-branded event. I love this distance. Its not my strength – I do much better in 70.3s and shorter tris. The challenge of the distance keeps bringing me back, despite that most of the time during training I say to myself “this is my last one.” Funny side note – I have already registered for IMCA 2018. Leading into Outlaw, I had done IMCdA 70.3. I love the Coeur d’Alene course. It wasn’t my fastest 70.3 by any means. Even though it was a lead-in and I know better, I was a bummed to come in 8 minutes slower than when I did it last year. Last year it was my “A” race and the weather was not nearly as hot (it was 85 on the run this year, but I actually do ok in the heat so I can’t use that as any kind of excuse). I had a ton of fun out there and that’s what really matters most to me anyway. I came in at a respectable 5:32. I took a much more laid back approach to training this cycle. My goal was to get through it uninjured, mentally and physically. Physically, I did a great job. Mentally, well, hence the song lyrics at the beginning of this report. Let’s just say that song lyrics are like a mantra and I end up doing a lot of deep thinking during training, especially on the bike. The... read more

Exercise of the week: Sumo Squat

Coach Kristie demonstrates this week’s exercise of the week, sumo squat. The sumo squat works the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. There are a variety of ways you can do this workout with weights.  You can as shown with hand weights.  You can also use kettle bells, a bench or squat bar.  Another variation is to have one leg slightly forward and thread the bench or squat bar through the legs. Stand with legs wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointing outward.  Shoulders docked in their sockets.  Relaxed neck and spine.  Activate the core muscles bringing the belly button in toward the spine. Lower until knees are at 90 degrees.  Hold for a count of 1-3, then slowly raise to the starting position. Endurance Athletes should aim for 4 sets of 20 reps.  Fitness, Strength and Power 4 sets of 10.  The weight load will be lighter for the endurance athletes. Fitness, strength and power, higher. Please feel free to contact any of the coaches at KR Endurance if you have any questions on the exercise of the week.... read more

Exercise of the Week: Dolphin

Coach Kristie demonstrates this week’s exercise of the week, Dolphin. This pose has been called the “forgotten pose” in yoga.  It isn’t used as much as it used to be.  It is an excellent strength and stability exercise.  It strengthens arms, core, lower back and legs.  Stretches the legs, arches and opens the chest and shoulders. Begin by placing forearms in front of you.  Close enough that the opposing hand can “hug” the other arm.  Then clasp hands in front.  Place feet down and slowly walk to the front of the mat.  Relaxed shoulders, pulling belly button in to your spine.  Coach Kristie is demonstrating a beginner level of this pose.  For increased difficulty the feet can be even closer to the front of the mat. Once in the start position drive forward moving the head and shoulders over the clasped hands.  Return to start position.  For increased difficulty you can drive forward and down, resting the top of your head on the mat between your arms.  Repeat this move working up to 20... read more