Introducing Coach Diane!

I consider myself a life time athlete and coach! My athletic career started at 11 years old, continued through high school, collegiate softball player. My coaching began as a volunteer in the athletic community of Northeast Philadelphia. With the leadership and mentoring from my coaches, I went on to pursue my BS in Health and Physical Education and taught and coached for 15 years at various levels. Upon relocating to FL, I changed careers and received my AS degree and have been a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I continued my athletic involvement by participating in running, cycling, and triathlon. I have continued as a PTA for the past 28 years in various setting. In 1999, I was one of the first USAT certified coaches (16) and in 2001, became a USAT level 2 coach. I also was certified in US Cycling, US Swimming. I am currently ITCA certified. ( I hold many other certifications in my “tool box”) I have had many local coaching programs in the St. Petersburg  area, including a children’s triathlon program. My running coaching program was large group yearly lead in preparation in varied distances. If we total my years of coaching, it would be over 30 years of experience. Most recently,  I have expanded to virtual coaching to include para athletes in both running and triathlon. I have coached runners from beginner to elite in both running and triathlon. My participation as a multi sport athletes spans almost 30 years. I have experienced both US National and World competition in triathlon as a visually impaired para athlete. I have run several Boston Marathons. Oh,... read more

ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Gold Coast Race Recap – by Coach Heather

  This was my big A race for the year!  I have prepared for this race all year long!  I worked smartly with my Coach!  I was ready to kill it!  One of my athletes sent me a quote!  Don’t let fatigue make a Coward out of you! Race morning I had such peace and a different mindset than I have ever before!  I was ready to go leave it out on the course! 10:30am we started warming up want about 10:45 we were swimming to the right of the start line!  We felt great!  The water was a little chilly but once you got in and moving you were good to go! You needed to be in the corral 20 minutes early!  I was getting into my mojo listening to the music (I love music!). Getting my mind ready to go kill it!  Our wave was called @11:05am!  Then they told us to come up one more to the start and out the ribbon up so the wave behind us waited! The race director counted us down!  The official at the start asked us how many buoys on the left!  5!!  The horn went off and off we went! I was in a pack and keeping up!  The current drifted us and we swam back!  I had a good swim not as fast because of the current!  Good for me!  Out of the water into T1 and off on the bike I went!  I was in 2 packs on the bike!  The Aussies and all of us worked together!  That was the cool thing!  We weren’t working against one... read more

Sweet Tooth by Coach Heather

What does a sweet tooth look like to you?  I love sugar and sweets.  I have found healthier options over the years.  I limit mine to once a week with my husband so we can have fun and try new things!  On the back of the package not just the label we need to pay attention to.  The ingredients.  They are very essential.  The ingredients tell us what the product is made of.  What is in our food is where all the food allergies and sensitivities are coming from. During that time years ago when I started training I loved potato chips.  Potato chips have sugar in them.  My Trainer at the time pointed out to me the reason I love them during that time is because of the sugar content.  There are hidden sugars in things like potato chips, maltodextrin, erithylol, stevia, swerve, etc.  You have to get to know your ingredients.  We now have the privilege of having Google to look everything up.  Finding recipes that have less ingredients in them or chips that have less ingredients in them is one key!  Making your mind up that you don’t want to have any white sugar or sugar that’s not good for you!  Sugar comes in many different forms and ingredients! Below are a few recipes I’m going to try when I get that urge for something sweet!  You can always make healthy snacks and freeze them to have them on hand or put them in the fridge in containers!  They’re available!  When you wean yourself off of white sugar you will feel the difference! One of my clients... read more

Taking Risks by Coach Heather

What are risks?  Google defines risks are defined as a situation involving exposure to danger.  Risks have I taken any!  Absolutely!  I am going across the globe without my husband.  That is a huge risk.  I know that I have the Lord with me every step of the way!  I will be safe!  Risks what kind of risks do you take in everyday life?  I have taken many risks on my fitness journey.  The first one I took was marrying Frank even though I knew we loved each other.  We met online somewhere I never thought and nobody ever thought I would meet him.  God always has a plan.  Frank has been the biggest blessing in my life.  I was telling him today that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for God and him.  Frank purchased Jolene and I our first training package.  The second one was to learn to swim.  The third getting on my bike after being a child falling off and never running competitively.  All 3 of these risks have brought me greater joy than I could have ever imagined. In our church service last Sunday our Pastor talked about risks.  He talked about a purpose driven life and taking risks for the Lord.  When we face him what risks did we take for the Lord.  I believe my job is top inspire others!  When I started my fitness journey I had no clue that I would take the risks I have taken.  Where did it take me?  To ITU World Championships Gold Coast Australia! I never dreamed I would be a Personal Trainer, Triathlon... read more

Recovery – by Coach Heather

What does Recovery look like to you?  Is it just sitting down after a workout?  Is it eating junk food after a workout? Recovery is defined as a period of rest for the body to be restored to a state where it can exercise at high intensity levels. Sleep is one of the most important components of an effective recovery program.  The days that you have a high-intensity workout make sure you get adequate sleep so you wake up the next day feeling recovered before your next workout. There are other strategies such as compression socks, cool Epsom salt baths, foam rolling, stretching and just plainly putting your feet up. One of the hardest components to manage is recovery.  We have to balance life – work, family, children, etc.  We are always taking care of others and what they need.  There comes a time that we need to think about ourselves.  Injuries and OTS (over training syndrome) occur when you don’t take the time to recovery (taking care of you). When I have a 2 hour brick or do a mock Triathlon I make sure I have my compression socks/shorts/pants and OOFOS recovery shoes with me.  As I am on my feet a lot I have compression pants to wear to work.  Also, I have to think about recovery for my feet.  You can combine any of the above recovery strategies. Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health/sports.  Recovery after a workout should be essential.  Macros and micros are very important.  It’s huge because of EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption).  As... read more

Confidence by Coach Heather

Confidence what does that mean?  Confidence is believing in yourself.  What does that mean?  Does it mean not facing fear – absolutely not?  Fear=False Evidence Appearing Real.  What do you do when you are facing fear.  Well you look at fear is the first step.  You have to tell yourself that this was not put before you to not just look at.  You can stare at it and stay comfortable or you can look at it and walk through the emotions of fear.  You can walk through and grow through every feeling you have. FEAR=Face Everything And Rise – what does that mean?  No matter what you’re afraid of or not confident it’s okay to have fear but to not let fear control you.  When I was first learning to swim I had to look at that buoy every Sunday.  My Coach and best friend we would go open water swimming and they would tell me I can do this but I had to learn to believe it.  What does that mean?  It means telling yourself that you know how to swim and that you can do this.  This was put before you to conquer and experience what’s on the other side of conquering that fear.  I had to become confident and believe in the fact that I knew how to swim. My mental game went back to that day that my younger sister pushed me in the pond and my Dad had to dive in and save me.  I had no clue how to swim so I was panicking.  My younger sister was laughing and my Dad told... read more

Lifestyle vs. Diet & Building Your Fitness Success to Last- by Coach Heather

I was asked a few days ago how do I get a Beach Body like yours? One thing is hard work and dedication.  You have to make a promise to yourself to change.  That is the hardest thing to do I believe besides nutrition.  When you work for something you value it more.  You have to learn to dedicate yourself to taking care of you. Lifestyle – what is a lifestyle?  Googles definition is a process that takes time and requires support.  Once you’re ready to make a change, the difficult part is committing and following through.  So, do your research and make a plan that will prepare you for success.  Careful planning means setting small goals and taking things one step at a time. Diet – what is a diet?  Googles definition is restrict oneself to small amounts or special kids of food in order to lose weight. A lifestyle lasts the rest of your life.  A diet is for a period of time.  You have to make it a lifestyle in order to keep it off! What does a lifestyle look like? 1.  Change!  Take one thing you want to change and change it!  Small Goals      Lead to Big Results!  You make a bad choice when you change, you forgive      yourself, dust your knees off, get back up and make a better choice next time!      We’re only human so we will make mistakes! 2.  Accountability – Is it hiring a Trainer or Coach to help you with getting in      shape?  Is it being part of a Team of athletes?... read more

Coach Heather’s Tips: Mobility, Stability, and Posture

Mobility – what is mobility?  Mobility is the ability of your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to move unrestricted while controlling the ability to move around the axis of rotation constantly.   The ability of fascia and elastic connective tissue to lengthen allows a joint to move through a complete range of motion. Stability – what is stability?  The ability to maintain control of joint movement or position by the connective tissue and neuromuscular system. We lose mobility and stability as we become more sedentary.  We tighten, stiffen and our joints start to ache and swell.  We can cause arthritis being sedentary and repetitive movements as well as our nutrition.  The more we move the better.  The better we eat the better our bodies feel.  Nutrition is our fuel for our bodies. Posture is being aware of how we move, sit, stand, drive, the things we do at work, etc.  Resistance training, functional movement in all planes of motion is very important.  Repetitive exercise isn’t great.  Our bodies tend to predict what it’s going to do then we start losing muscle in other areas and creating imbalances and loss of elasticity. If muscle and fascia experience constant mechanical stress or tension from repetitive movements or poor posture, inelastic collagen fibers can form between the layers of muscle tissue as a protection against structural damage and injury. A lack of motion, especially in all planes of motion, can create adhesions between the various layers of muscle and fascia, which ultimately reduce joint motion and restrict mobility. We also need to stretch, foam roll and do yoga.  Stretching for you could be PNF... read more

Exercise of the Week: Runner’s Pushups

Coach Heather demonstrates Runner’s Pushups. Start in the down position with elbows back, core engaged, head neutral, toes tucked and push straight up shifting your weight back.  Then in the up position shift your body weight forward then come straight down returning to the start position.  To modify, put a pillow or blanket under your knees, push yourself up with your core and glutes engaged,  knees relaxed, ankles relaxed.  Push yourself forward then come down.  These pushups strengthen your anterior deltoid, triceps and shoulders for strong running arms.   If you have any questions concerning this exercise feel free to contact us at... read more

Exercise of the Week: Plank with Hip Extension and Abduction

Coach Heather demonstrates this week’s exercise of the week, plank with hip extension and abduction.  This exercise targets the abdominal muscles and glutes/hips. In plank position with your head neutral, keep your abdominals engaged, lift one leg and engage the opposing glute and then abduct your leg out to the side with your butt down.  The challenge is to keep your abdominals engaged as you lift and abduct.  If you need to modify, you can do the plank on your knees with a pillow under your knees and lift your leg and abduct if it’s not too much. Try 3 sets of 10 total reps working up to 20 total for 10 ea side. If you have any questions about this exercise feel free to contact us at read more